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I’m so excited to finally be re-launching my new website! This has been in the works for quite some time now. When I say in the works I mean it’s been on my mind. I have so many different irons in the fire that sometimes things that I really want to make happen get put on the side. It wasn’t until I finally admitted like in so many different areas in my life that I needed some help and enrolled “Uncle Matt”, who is my assistant (only because he is rebooting in Spokane) but is really a TOP NOTCH Graphic Designer who recently moved to Spokane, WA to work on himself and open his business MDGraphics, to help me out did the ball really get going. Through his expertise the ball started really rolling a couple months ago. 

I am super excited to be able to share with you my online store, Believe It Be It® Lifestyle Boutique. The reason I wanted to start a boutique is because so many of you are always asking me what I use to help me and where did I get it. Instead of constantly trying to remember where I got different things I decided to open a boutique to be a one stop shop that will help myself as well as others get the right tools to help live a healthy lifestyle. Everything in my store are things I use to help me prepare to make healthy choices. As time goes on I will be able to introduce more products and will keep you up to date through Facebook and twitter so make sure to follow me on those social sites.

Believe It, Be It® Lifestyle Boutique is also the only place where you will be able to get my Believe It, Be It® branded line of tools and inspirational clothing, other than Precision Pilates of Spokane. Each piece was created with both you and I in mind. I love using the Believe It, Be It® approach, so wether it is a saying that only you can read when you look in a mirror, a power statement or a personal affirmation, it is meant to empower you to BELIEVE. I hope you love and enjoy the pieces as much as I do. 

I am also now able to finally add Wellness coaching for all of you who reach out to me wanting me to coach you in getting healthy. As you know my time is very limited so as to be able to ensure you are getting the attention you deserve I will only be able to take a limited number of clients at a time. When openings become available I will go back through inquiries and offer to those in the order they were received. However you can always ask question on Facebook and twitter, I try to answer as many as I can. 

Finally I will be adding new blogs weekly, changing videos on the Live Big With Ali Vincent page and updating my calendar so you know exactly when I will be in a town near you!

Let me know what you think of my NEW website on Facebook and twitter.


Believe It, Be It® and Live Big,



**** If you love my graphics and design elements you too can have ones you love contact Matt Driggs aka “Uncle Matt” at macmat@me.com

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