Posted on June 23, 2013 by Ali Vincent

When do we know when we need to take it easy or when we need to bring in the big guns aka doctors.  
I often hear from people about how they are so sore they need to take a break from working out. I think this is a fine line because a lot of times people start a new workout regime without consulting their doctor or a trainer. I mean let’s tell the truth the only time I have EVER seen a doctor before changing my diet or working out routine was when I was on The Biggest Loser. However I know now the reason behind this statement or the fine print on your new workout dvd set you just bought. Doctors and trainers have a series of tests they run on you, so that everyone is clear on your starting perimeters to prevent INJURY.
The important part is knowing the difference between soreness and injury. You do not want to be taken out of the game and not be able to continue on your journey through fitness so knowing where to start is key. When you have these guidelines it gives you a clear idea of what is pushing and what stress is on the brink of real complications. 
The key is listening to your body and taking care of yourself. Soreness is good, it usually indicates that you have activated muscles that haven’t been pushed in a long time and almost always is at it’s worst 48-72 hours after initial activity. Often this is remedied through icing and making sure that you get moving so that the lactic acid that has built up breaks up. Resting is the last thing you want to do. If by chance that through continued movement and icing the soreness turns to pain you should see a doctor immediately so that you can nip in the butt and continue on your way. Good luck and remember only you know the difference between soreness and pain so be kind to yourself and take care of your body! 
ali xo  


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Mother's Day at Disney

Posted on May 13, 2013 by Ali Vincent

I’m so excited for the new direction of Live Big With Ali Vincent! Although there will be a lot more real life and that is not always the most comfortable place to be, it’s exciting! Obviously my first experience of reality TV was on The Biggest Loser and yes I have put myself up in the public eye since but to having a camera film your entire day is an entirely different experience. Now granted I am not being filming everyday and since I do not technically live where I usually film it is a bit more of an adventure than my normal fairly mundane day to day and did I mention my mom is filming with me a LOT more? As much as my mom and I have grown in our relationship, we still revert to old behaviors that don’t particularly flatter either of us. And as you have probably guessed EVERYTHING is captured on film. 

I just spent the weekend in Florida at Walt Disney World with my mom and the Disney Social Media Moms. I had a blast, there were babies everywhere! And it got me thinking about the mother daughter relationship and reflect on my relationship with my mom. 

I often find myself reacting to my mom in a way I no longer want to, I only want to love and appreciate her. But as I go through long days with my mom again stuff pops ups, have you experienced this? How do you really talk about it without there being energy and really just try to process it? And will there ever be a time that it no longer comes up? I know my mom still experiences it with my grandma only now I think a towel is thrown in so the bickering stops on one end or the other. 

Anyway I think it just becomes more apparent when there is a camera to capture the going on’s. This weekend was a great weekend! Mom and I have been on an adventure with the new direction of the show. Babies were abundant and I have seriously peeked with my baby  craze...... oh no I need help ;)

I do want to extend a huge Thank You to all the DisneySMMoms for welcoming me so freely and allowing me to be a “suto” DisneySMMommy for the weekend. I applaud all that you do to share with each other and change our countries childhood obesity epidemic one child, one blog, one post at a time, you ladies are what living BIG is all about!

I hope you all had an amazing Mother’s Day Weekend.... until next week,

ali xo

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