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Throughout the years since Ali won The Biggest Loser and became the first female winner of the NBC hit series, Ali has made it a top priority to use her celebrity to do as much as she can to support causes dear to her heart. While Ali has been a part of bringing notice to countless organizations through active participation in events and fundraisers, she has always leaned towards those organizations that help children. It is wildly known that you can pretty much guarantee Ali will show up to be a part of an event, schedule permitting, if you mention KIDS

Ali Gives, is dedicated to sharing information about organizations that Ali works closely with to bring awareness as well as educate on how to get involved. Ali is about taking action in all areas of life. Those who know Ali's story know that she has said on numerous of occasions that she may not be able to tell you how she lost over 100 pounds but she can tell you that she realized she can do anything for a minute. Ali takes this philosophy into all that she does. While she may not know how to reverse childhood obesity, close the gap of income and nutrition, or how to help a little girl get her body to listen to her so she doesn't pull out her hair, Ali is committed to sharing in this moment and doing whatever she can one minute at a time. Ali's life has been touched and continues to be by the following organizations and BELIEVES that if we all simply choose to do something in this moment we will beat childhood obesity, make healthy eating more affordable and CURE Rett Syndrome. 

Ali THANKS YOU for choosing to make a DIFFERENCE one moment at a time!

Girl Power 2 Cure

Girl Power 2 Cure, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds for treatments and a cure for Rett Syndrome, a devastating neurological disorder that almost exclusively affects girls.

We are committed to making Rett Syndrome the first reversible neurological disorder by harnessing the spirit of girls to support fellow girls who are suffering. We support girls in the planning and implementation of events that raise awareness and funds for Rett Syndrome research, as well as support Rett families with resources, fundraising help and awareness tools.

Our inspiration is our flower:  always in bloom with hope and positive energy, ready to grow anywhere there is someone ready to join in our mission.


Ali first got involved with Girl Power 2 Cure when she fell in love with a little girl named Oaklynn(pictured above) after her mom Whitney shared her amazing story. Ali asked Whitney if she could share Oaklynn's story with you.


Quick Facts

Debilitating neurological (movement) disorder that predominantly affects females.

Baby girls are born "normal" but begin to lose acquired skills between the ages of 1-3 years old.

Caused by a single gene mutation that leads to underproduction of an important brain protein.

The most severe form of autism.

The leading genetic cause of severe impairment in girls - most cannot speak, walk or use their hands.

Despite their physical disabilities, girls with Rett Syndrome are believed to be functioning mentally
at a much higher level than previously thought.

As prevalent as Cystic Fibrosis, ALS and Huntington's.

Another little girl is born with Rett Syndrome every 90 minutes.

Rett Syndrome is a potentially REVERSIBLE disorder.

Research has proven once protein levels are back to normal levels, symptoms subside.


Get ready to DIG DEEP and help us "plant" flowers to raise awareness and research funds for Rett Syndrome. We are looking for stores, restaurants, banks, salons and events to HOST a Garden of Hope. We are looking for volunteers like families and girls' organizations to PLANT Gardens of Hope. And, we need SPONSORS for every Garden of Hope to grow!

You've seen shamrocks, sneakers and hot air balloons that you sign in exchange for a $1 donation...we have paper FLOWERS!  Together these flowers create a "Garden of Hope." Help us GROW these funds into even more money for research!


 Kohl’s Kids Rock Stars


Rockin’ to Health, one step at a time. 

Teaching a child to make exercise a daily part of life will build healthy habits that last a lifetime. The Kohl’s Kids Rock Stars program makes exercise fun, encourages healthy behaviors and brings groups together to work toward an activity goal. Kids Rock Stars is available online through our website

Kohl’s Kid Rock Stars is a fun way to get everyone active.

Join our rockin’ interactive website that helps teachers, club leaders and parents encourage kids to be active and eat healthy.  Follow these easy steps to start your adventure:


Step 1: Sign up and create your school, organization or family team (must be an adult to register).


Step 2: Set a goal for your group to do of 30, 60, 90, or 120 miles of activities!


Step 3: Choose an adventure. Go on a hunt for buried treasure with a pirate crew or become the star of a show with a rock band as you reach your activity goal!


Step 4: Log activity. There are tons of different activities to choose from. Soccer, golf, gardening, chores are all options!


Step 5: See your progress on a rock star or pirate themed journey board.


Step 6: Print certificates and coupons out at different milestones as your group reaches their goal.


Schools and organizations who have reached their goals will be eligible for a raffle to win prizes throughout the year!

Join Kids Rock Stars! Set goals, track your activity and learn healthy tips all on your journey to a healthier life!

Women & Children's Free Restaurant & Community Kitchen

Women and Children's Free Restaurant & Community Kitchen is a vital safety net that fills nutritional gaps for women and children in need while fostering dignity and respect, both within our restaurant and in the community

Dine With Us

Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., our dining room doors are open to any woman or child who would like to dine.  We welcome you and hope you enjoy the delicious and healthy meals that we prepare with you in mind.

Each Friday women and children are invited to enjoy a mid-day meal from 11:30  to 1:30.  

The Restaurant is located in the basement of Christ Our Hope Open Bible Church (former St. Paul's United Methodist Church) at 1620 N. Monroe.

The Women's and Children's Free Restaurant is supported entirely by donations from individuals, businesses, service and church groups, and small grants.    Thank you, Spokane!

  If you would like to volunteer with our organization, there are several opportunities. You will need to first fill out an volunteer application.  

You can also see our volunteer opportunities page for individual or one-time volunteer opportunities.

WCFR does not receive government funding and has no religious or political affiliations. Your tax-deductible financial and in-kind donations may be sent to:
1620 N. Monroe St.
Spokane, Washington 99205

If you prefer, you may donate online by clicking icon below

Dine With Us

Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., our dining room doors are open to any woman or child who would like to dine.  We welcome you and hope you enjoy the delicious and healthy meals that we prepare with you in mind.

Each Friday women and children are invited to enjoy a mid-day meal from 11:30  to 1:30.  

The Restaurant is located in the basement of Christ Our Hope Open Bible Church (former St. Paul's United Methodist Church) at 1620 N. Monroe.


We can't fulfill our mission without the many volunteers who faithfully serve each week. Our volunteer orientations are scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month (exceptions being August & December) from 5:30pm - 6:30pm, here at WCFR. They are for new volunteers and people interested in learning more about our program. You may fill out an online application form here, call 324-1995 or email us to find out more about openings and to sign up for orientation.

We look forward to hearing from you!

9+ hours of sleep
5 servings of fruits and veggies
2 hours or less of screen time
1 hour of play
0 sugary drinks



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