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Motivational Speaker

Ali’s dynamic personality, genuine demeanor and inspirational message connects with audiences of all types. Her motivational speeches bring energy to her audience. Her use of compelling images and words combined with her personal conviction that anything is possible inspires everyone in the audience to feel as though anything is possible for them. With warmth and humility she describes her transformation from someone who was surviving to someone who is thriving. Professional speakers have the same polish but do not often have the personal connection that Ali creates with every audience member.

Sampling of topics Ali speaks to

  • Wellness
  • Health
  • Fitness for all
  • Balance
  • Obesity
  • Biggest loser
  • Attitude
  • Goal Setting 
  • Risk Taking 
  • Empowerment
  • Believing in yourself
  • Speaking your truth

Ali loves coordinating with event producers to convey your messaging with her personal touch in custom presentations. To see if Ali is available for your event click the Hire ALI button

Celebrity Endorsements and Celebrity Appearances

In addition to her appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Ellen, Larry King LIVE, Huckabee Show, Today Show, Rachel Ray, Good Morning America, Ali is the celebrity spokesperson for Pink Lady® Brand Apples and Divas Half Marathon & 5K Series. Ali attends numerous athletic events, including but not limited to health fairs and expos, marathons, triathlons, and women’s conferences.

Ali has served as a celebrity spokesperson for 

  • Designer Whey protein  
  • The Biggest Loser 
  • Famous Footwear 
  • 24 Hour Fitness 
  • Divas Half Marathon & 5K Series 
  • Quintana Roo 
  • Pink Lady® America

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Personal Wellness Coaching

An exciting addition to what Ali now offers to her fans is an opportunity be coached one on one with Ali herself. Each coaching experience will be handled on a case by case basis. 
There will be specific tools required for Ali to be able to coach each client as effectively as possible. Be prepared to purchase:
  1. the BodyBugg® or BodyMedia® monitoring system
  2. a heart rate monitor
  3. both body weight and food scales
  4. have access to a gym. 
Coaching will take place through weekly calls and email correspondence. Coaching space is very limited so applications will be accepted and saved if space is not available at time of inquiry. Inquiries will be serviced in the order they are received. If you are interested in being coached by Ali please email your request to Coaching@alivincent.com 

Bette-Sue Burklund

Motivational Speaker

Who is Bette-Sue

People who tuned in to The Biggest Loser Season 5 know that Ali Vincent and Bette-Sue Burklund were partners. Bette-Sue is Ali’s mother and friend! With an entertaining and witty personality, Bette-Sue appeals to all audiences. As a public speaker or guest speaker, Bette-Sue’s candid sometimes blunt way of communicating coupled with her great sense of humor draws people to her. As Ali has said many times… America Loves Bette-Sue! Whether she is a public speaker or an entertainer, and is speaking to a television audience, a large audience or one-on-one, Bette-Sue has a unique way of captivating all!

Bette-Sue’s background includes over 20 years in the personal growth arena. As a facilitator and a “motivational speaker”, thousands of people have experienced very profound and personal breakthroughs that they acknowledge and attribute to the coaching influence of Bette-Sue.

An active grandmother, mother and daughter, don’t look for Bette-Sue to slow down anytime soon! When she isn’t traveling on the road with Ali you can find her at charity events, speaking events or at the salon where she still cuts her favorites clients’ hair! She helps people where ever she goes!

If you want her opinion, write your questions to Bette-Sue. 
She will give you “No BS by BS.”

Let Bette-Sue Speak for You

You can also have your own personal experience with Bette-Sue! She is available 
as a guest speaker at your next conference, meeting, or function. Bette-Sue can 
speak on a variety of topics and discusses with wit and candor her journey on 
The Biggest Loser.

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