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What event organizers are saying.....

On behalf of Geisinger Medical Center, I would like to say thank you for coming to our campus to share you message of inspiration, health and fitness.  Our employees, patients, and the local community all provided positive feedback to us and thoroughly enjoyed not only your message, but your willingness to interact with them; including photo opportunities as well as autographs and friendly, gracious discussion.

You truly are an inspiration to those wanting to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.  As we launch Geisinger’s employee wellness campaign for this year, it was perfect timing for you to visit our campus.  Thank you again for your personalized approach to your speaking engagements with us, your willingness to work with our hectic schedules as well as your flexibility with your speaking content, was very beneficial to all four of our  audiences.  We wish you continued success on your speaker’s circuit as you inspire others.

Dana Gorby
Marketing Specialist


Inviting Ali Vincent to speak at our Healthy Woman Anniversary event was one of our best ideas to date. Ali is so full of energy and motivation, it's impossible to not be inspired by Ali and her story. Watching Ali interact with our Healthy Woman memberswastruly touching. She is genuine in everything she says and really has a way with people. 

Ali's "Believe It, Be It" presentation itself was nothing short of outstanding! With Ali, being full of life and as funny as she is, there wasn't a bored face in the crowd. Our members drove in from all over to meet Ali Vincent and hear all about her journey to a healthier life. It was easy to see that Ali's story alone motivates many women across the board. 

Ali was wonderful to work with and very personable. She went out of her way to make sure each and every fan got their time with her, a photo, and her autograph. We heard nothing but compliments and praises from our Anniversary Event guests about Ali Vincent being our guest speaker. 

We, personally, could not have made a better decision for our day. Thanks, Ali for making it a great event and for inspiring so many of our Healthy Woman members to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Kate Allaria and Erin Echelmeyer
Healthy Woman Coordinators at Gateway Regional Medical Center

What a pleasure it was having you as a featured speaker at the 2012 West Michigan Women’s Expo.  After the success of your appearance at the 2011 Mid-Michigan Women’s Expo, I was pleased that your schedule allowed you to appear in Grand Rapids.

As a presenter you are engaging, friendly, inspiring and a thrill to the audience.  As you could see by the presence of many, they were excited to see you.  Of course, you have earned the attention with your hard work, and continuous hard work as a “Champion” representing both fitness and an inspiration for weight loss!   What you have accomplished over the years has not been an easy task.  Anyone who has battled any type of weight issue knows how hard it is to persevere.  You are a role model for perseverance.

We must also compliment you on how easy you are to work with.  Sometimes we don’t see that in our featured presenters, but you are a standout, and we want to thank you for that.

Best of luck Ali Vincent, as you continue to be focused with goals and as you continue your success in inspiring others on so many levels and in a variety of ways.  If I were to describe you in three words, they would be:  Inspiring, Friendly and Cooperative.  You hold key ingredients for you and me, to produce successful events. 

In a nutshell, we were delighted to have you.  If anyone would like further information regarding my experience working with you, please feel free to have them call me, and please share this letter. 

Denise R. Kohler-Kolesar

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