Meet Ali

Winner of The Biggest Loser

Meet Ali, the winner of NBC’s hit show The Biggest Loser season 5, and the first-ever female winner, Arizona native Alison “Ali” Vincent is a dynamic and inspirational speaker, television host, philanthropist and author. 

A former champion synchronized swimmer, Ali set foot on the Biggest Loser ranch weighing 234 pounds. After weeks of hard work and dedication to health and fitness on the ranch and at home, Ali stepped on the scale at the finale weighing in at 122 pounds- 112 pounds less than her starting weight. This successful weight loss was enough to earn Ali the title of Season 5 winner and the first-ever female winner. Since winning The Biggest Loser title in April 2008 she has achieved what many others who lose weight don’t; she has kept the weight off and is healthier than ever. 

Believe It, Be It

In Ali’s first book “Believe It, Be It: How being the Biggest Loser won me back my life.” Vincent shares her inspirational story and offer tips for other struggling to lose weight and make major life changes. Beginning with her childhood and teen years, Believe It, Be It will take readers through the most important and life-changing moments in Vincent's life, including what led her to try out for The Biggest Loser, what really goes on at the legendary Biggest Loser ranch, how she made a spectacular comeback after being eliminated after her 4th week on the show, how she's been able to maintain her 100+ pound weight loss, stay motivated, and help others since her win on the program. Book published by Rodale Publishing.

Ali After The Biggest Loser

Ali has been featured in numerous magazines and on both national and local talk shows, including the Oprah Winfrey Show, Ellen and the Today Show, among others. Ali is now the host of her very own show on the Live Well Network, which can be viewed in several cities throughout the country as well as viewed online for areas the network has not yet reached. Through her show Live Big With Ali Vincent, Ali helps guests to rediscover their potential and live big through a healthier lifestyle. She also shares how her life has changed so dramatically in the past five years as her journey to continue to be healthy remains a new choice in every moment.   

Ali holds several philanthropic causes close to her heart. She regularly participates in and speaks at fundraising events throughout the United States.  Ali often speaks about the importance of health, fitness and total wellness at Go Red events sponsored by the American Heart Association and Healthy Woman events. In addition, Ali is the Ambassador of Movement for Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s Kid Rock Star program and is committed to changing the future of our kids through play and knowledge. Ali is a honorary chair on the board of directors for the Women’s and Children’s Free Restaurant and Community Kitchen, where she continues to bring awareness and close the gap to nutritional needs of families with lower incomes.

Ali’s personal mantra is “Believe it. Be it.” Full of energy and always ready to spread her message of positivity, lifelong health and fitness, Ali is hired to speak to groups both large and small. Ali is available to speak to students, business professionals and private groups throughout the United States.


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